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About Munster and Glenmore

Just before you reach Port Edward on the south coast lies the quaint little village of Munster, midway between Southbroom and the Wild Coast.

Munster is within walking distance of adjacent Glenmore Beach and it can get a little confusing, particularly as the swimming and surfing bay in Munster is known as Glenmore beach.. There is nothing baffling about the beauty of the coast here, however. There are long stretches of unspoilt beach, lush vegetation, wild sea crashing on to boulders, and giant rocky outcrops. It is unsurprising that there are some wonderful rock-climbing opportunities and that Glenmore Beach in Munster is one of the most incredible beaches in the country.

Munster is shark protected and an excellent surfing beach, providing hours of swimming and shell collecting. The mouth of the Itongasi River has made it a perfect place for launching boats, and Glenmore beach is often the site of beauty and fishing competitions. The annual Sardine Run, which beached in Glenmore Bay in 2000 and 2001, attracts such large schools of dolphin that need to be seen to be believed.